Today I Met My Fear

Today I met my fear.  I have to say as a child Monday’s always caused me a certain amount of anxiety and to this day still do.  Not necessarily because of what I have to do, but because of how I have conditioned myself for so many years.  See, for years I conditioned myself to suit up with my armor for the unpredictability that Monday’s would bring.  Whether from school days of commuting in hours of traffic into Boston, to tests and thesis papers, to walking into a short staffed hospital, or a into a patient coding at 6am when I’ve barely had a sip of my coffee.  I conditioned my body and my mind to those levels of stress.  My life is very different now.  Some would say a lot more zen.  Here’s the thing I’ve learned tho, it is not necessarily what I’m doing, it’s the characteristics of who I am.  I set the bar high no matter what I’m doing.  Therefore my tendency is to keep myself in a holding pattern of a certain stress level no matter what is actually going on, to keep myself on my game.  This is what I have been working on over the years.  That being said, we need not condition ourselves to a level of fear thinking we are in some way preparing ourselves for handling challenging circumstances better, because that is the greatest lie of all time!

This morning was different.  It was the full moon and it is Mercury Retrograde going direct again.  I went downstairs to grab an envelope and some money for my son’s school trip.  I had this moment and I looked out the window.  I saw an image of a man, not a real man, but much how I see spirit.  He was on my walkway, leaned over, peering inside my window staring at me.  I know, creepy right?!!  I thought, who is this man, and in my head I heard, much like I hear the voice of spirit, “I am your fear”.   It was a moment of pure clarity and epiphany as I sat there for a minute.  This man wasn’t really large, he didn’t look any different really than any other human being, but yet when I saw him, fear welled up within me.  He went on to remind me that fear takes on many different forms and can sneak up on us.  Fear doesn’t have to be packaged in a great big, scary looking monster.  Our greatest fears are packaged in our every day happenings.  We choose to recognize them and to culminate them or to release them.  If there was a line in the sand and on one side was faith and on one side was fear, where are you standing?  You can’t have one foot on both sides.  The universe feels your vibration.  Where you stand is where you are vibrating.  Where you are vibrating is the point at which you are creating and attracting, like a magnet.  It pains me most days to see people walking around not in touch with their God given power.  When I say power, I am not referring in any way to the acquisition of status or things, I am referring to our connection to the source within us and the magnificent abilities that go along with it.  Whatever you are thinking and feeling in this moment you are creating and attracting more of!! You can make excuses and point the finger and blame all you want.  Trust me, I’ve tried it, it will not change the laws of the universe.  To some, that is the scariest notion of all, the thought of being that powerful!  I have to be responsible for what I’m thinking and feeling?  YES!!!  Today I watched the news talk about coronavirus and the inevitable economic collapse that will occur.  We are perpetuating fear!! Fear is a self fulfilling prophecy!! If you believe it strong enough, it will come about in your experience to some degree.  You will see physical evidence.  How close it gets to you, you decide.  Tony Robbins says Fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  What if Fear was just another one of those emotions to let you know that you’ve allowed the conditions you are witnessing to disconnect you from the source within you?  I have had so many instances in the past week where others brought me their fears.  My son had watched a few videos on you tube that frightened him and then was afraid to sleep in his room.  So I cleansed his space and I had a talk with him about being responsible for his vibration and how ultimately he allowed his fear to take over, like we all do at times.  I tried to get him to see his power and reconnect to it,  he did.  I had 3 people in one day tell me they were afraid to get a reading.  Afraid to talk to spirit.  Afraid because of all the stories they had heard about spirit telling people “bad things” that would happen.   Those people that heard bad things, didn’t hear it from their loved ones in heaven.  They heard it through a man that was connected to a vibration of fear!!  One said she was afraid because of what was written in the bible.   The bible is written by man and if you haven’t gotten the memo yet, man is riddled with fear and for years was ruled by contradiction.  The truth is, fear is just the compass to guide our way back home to our faith!!  That is why it is so uncomfortable.  The message is “move closer to GOD.”.   I saw my purpose over and over again in these passed few weeks.  People let me say this, your fear is just as powerful as your faith!! I know if you are reading this you believe in the power of prayer, now let me introduce you to the power of your fear!! It is time that the world realize that yes there are lots of scary things that go on in world, but focusing on them and worrying about them, is culminating that energy and not helping, it is harming!!  It is time that we all take responsibility for the state of our own lives and the world and do something about it!  This retrograde had me questioning people that have come into my life and it helped me to see the intent so clearly.  As I shed layers of my ego, and continued to maintain my alignment as my highest priority, I was able to see more clearly those who were simply living in their ego and out of alignment.   I was able to have great compassion for them, more than ever before.  I read something this morning that said, “As my vibration got higher, my circle got smaller.”  A vibration of alignment is your highest source of protection and organically help us to love from a distance.   I know I can’t do the work for others, but I can hold space for them and show them what doing the work looks like.  I’m not telling you to turn a blind eye to the issues of the world.   What I am telling you is that your greatest power in changing those issues and helping those around you, lies in your own alignment and vibration you bring to the table.  The more you stay connected to your source and your faith, the more you show up in the presence of God.  Yes, that loving source of energy you pray to for miracles, flows through you everyday!!  In the presence of the highest state of compassion, and grace, and you will exude faith.  That is more contagious than any virus you will fear.   Abraham Hicks say, “one in the flow of the universe is more powerful than millions who are not”.  Let me tell you this, I met my fear today.  It looked me straight in the eye, even introduced itself to me.  It empowered me more than ever to be that one that stays in alignment, YOU?

I love you so much today.  You are a magnificent, magical, miracle child of GOD, please go be that on this anything but typical Full Moon Monday!  XO JULES


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