“I’m Going Through Something”

The one thing we all have in common all the time, is that we are all, always going through something.  We have somehow been conditioned to believe that when we are going thru something it’s not ok to be “not ok”, and that it in some way represents weakness.  What I’ve learned is that honoring and releasing our feelings actually represents strength.  The thing about feelings is that they will inevitably come out.  Fr. Richard Rohr says, “If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it-usually to those closest to us.”  Pain is the quiet observer in the back of the room that will only stay quiet for so long before it makes a scene to be heard.  It will find a way to be expressed, and released.  In our futile attempts to stifle it and stuff it back down, or hold it in, we compound it.  Like water, pain will find its way to the small cracks in our walls and it will begin to ooze out, often under pressure, until it is finally released.  When I speak of pain, I’m referring to the wide array of negative emotion that we as humans feel everyday.  From sadness, to anger, to guilt, to resentment, and so on and so forth.  Pain is just the reminder that we experienced something that disconnected us from the truth of who we really are and how we want to express ourselves while in this body.  You see, those emotions do not exist in heaven.  So pain is really just the cue that something within is calling for healing and that we have some work to do.  The great illusion with pain is that giving it a label, a name, or a face, will somehow relieve it, but it doesn’t.  The idea is that having our feelings validated by others will help us to let them go, but it doesn’t.  The lie is that if we just don’t go there, or just don’t do that anymore, or just don’t see those people ever again, we won’t feel that way anymore, but then we do.  The truth is the end to our pain and suffering always lies within.  How many times when you have been going through something, have you wanted to shout to those around you, “Why can’t you see that I’m going through something?” How many times have you asked, “Why do they not understand?”.  Let me share the answers as spirit has explained them to me.   We did not come here in this body to understand others, we came to understand ourselves better.  The more we understand ourselves, understanding of others happens organically.  The day you stop looking for people to understand you, is the day they will because you are reflecting self awareness.  The day you stop looking for people to acknowledge your pain, is the day they will because you reflect a knowing that it has more to do with you than them.  The day you stop looking for people to love you the way you deserve, is the day you feel love on a level like you’ve never known because you reflect a self love that is limitless.  The day you stop blaming others for what your life is or isn’t, is the day your life becomes magnificent, because you reflect that you have come to know your power.   All of this because that is the day you take back the power you have been giving away to others for so long.  When you allow others to feed you as a source, you allow others to starve you as your source.  There is but one source that is meant to feed you, and that is your creator.  God did not put people in your life so that you could give all your power to them.  God did not create circumstances in your life so you could feel helpless against them.   God merely created you in this physical form so that through these experiences and people you would come to know your power and realize your potential to express it.   So next time you are going through something, acknowledge it, honor it, allow yourself to feel it, lovingly release it with gratitude, for without it, you would not know that you had some tending to do inside.  It is like your children letting you know when they are tired, cold, hungry or not feeling well.  They communicate their needs and you respond.  So do our bodies and our minds.  What if we became more gentle with ourselves like we are with our children?  There were so many times as a nurse people would come into the hospital for one thing, and incidentally we would discover something else that needed treatment.  Most people would respond with, “thank God, otherwise I would have never known”.  What if when things went wrong, we started to feel that same kind of gratitude for what brought to our attention what needs healing within us?  What if we gently eased ourselves out of a negative vibration the way a best friend would, with kind and compassionate words?  What if we spoke to ourselves the way we would speak to someone we love who was going through something?  It is only in the presence of self realization, self awareness, and self love that healing of self takes place.  Start to listen to the subtle whispers of your pain and treat it kindly and gently.  In the wise words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, for only “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”  Whatever you are going through today, know that God has made you all powerful to get through it when you allow his grace to flow through you!  Tapping into your ability to heal and release old patterns that no longer serve you will bring you to new and beautiful depths of love, compassion and understanding.  Even when you feel broken, know your ability to heal is far greater than anything that will bring you to your knees!

XO Jules


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