The Struggle is Real…


11831659_1625464761004560_2932358260414674641_nYes it is and we all have them..struggles that is!  Funny how the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence doesn’t it?  Human nature no doubt, but one of my favorite quotes I gravitate to when I need a slap of perspective..”the grass is green where you water it”.  I am doing lots of research and work behind the scenes with spirit to tap into my highest potential as a spiritual being having a “human experience”.  Translation…s*** is getting real!  Stuff the word is stuff people, LOL gotcha!  This life is hard and it takes a lotta work to live the life we desire… a  life full of green grass, not to mention joy, peace, love, happiness, and abundance…basically, an overall freedom from the day to day struggles.  So what I’m about to share with you is my epiphany thus far and how you can get yourself on the road to freedom from your biggest struggles, no matter what they are.

Currently I am reading a book called “Spirited” by Rebecca Rosen.. a well known medium in Colorado who you may know from her show on Lifetime Movie Network, “The Last Goodbye”…enter shameless plug here LOL.  Anywho, as a medium myself I receive a lot of my own validation thru other mediums who speak the same truths as spirit has explained them to me.  For this reason I gravitate to Rebecca’s work…no coincidence.  In the book are exercises to help unblock or release any obstacles that are weighing you down in life and preventing you from reaching your true potential.  So I embark on these exercises with no real full understanding of what they will do for me.  Much like principles of NA and AA she encourages us to take a moral inventory of our lives.   So truthfully acknowledge where we are now versus where we want to be.  Now this includes all aspects of life…health, love, relationships, finances, career and overall everyday emotions.   Then in each category we we are not currently where we would like to be we need to get to the root of the “why”.  So much like a weed that is deep seeded in your garden…if you don’t pull it by the root..what happens? …It keeps growing back…Ahhh are ya with me?  So let me give you a little example..So say I want to lose that extra 5 lbs…and its a constant struggle…  So I need to start peeling back the layers of my consciousness like an onion to determine why this is such an issue for me.  So let’s say I find that the times that I eat are when I’m stressed and busy and I make poor food choices over and over.  So the cause is an emotional stress trigger fueled by a feeling I don’t have enough time.  Why don’t I feel like I have enough time?  Well because for years I always raced the clock to fit it all in because God forbid things aren’t perfect.  So why do I need things to be perfect?  Because I am a people pleaser..Why am I a people pleaser?  Are you getting the picture here?  Eventually you start with one struggle that you probably never would’ve connected to the real root of the problem.  Some of our struggles are deeply rooted in our past even past lives sometimes!  Even tho we think we have left it in the past it surfaces in your life in other ways if it remains unresolved.  So in essence you need to continue to peel back the layers to see is there an event or person at the root of your struggles?  Once you are able to get there you can work on the healing process or forgiveness that ultimately stops that karmic cycle of it resurfacing in your life.   A big part of this process is also forgiving yourself.  Yup yourself…it is easy to play the blame game and the victim in life..but the truth is we create our reality by the choices we make everyday.  So how we respond to what we are dealt is actually what fuels these blocks.  While this process can feel a bit uncomfortable to go thru… the end result is amazing.  I actually had a vision of an open road…I truly feel that was spirit’s way of letting me know that I had released many of the obstacles that may have been standing in my way previously.  Whilst I know that new struggles will present themselves as life happens..I also feel a new found hope in my ability to handle them by tapping into my peeps in heaven…and I hope you do too!  This may be the hard part…where we learn and grow as we travel the road…but amidst those growing pains is a scenery full of green grass, joy, peace, love, happiness, and abundance…we just have to see it.  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes”~Marcel Proust

Keep going! I believe in you! xo Jules

The Truth about Talking to Heaven









“I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.”  In my experience as a medium most skepticism on behalf of people I encounter is a direct result of a lack of understanding or misinformation regarding connecting with spirit.  Years and years of seeing Haley Joel Osment and Jennifer Love Hewitt running around saying “I see dead people” and appearing to have full on conversations with people from the “beyond”  has been ingrained in our minds.  The fact of the matter is these depictions couldn’t be further from the truth of what it is actually like to communicate with spirits from the other side, they are talking to people, people! LOL

When I reflect on my first encounters with spirit that I can remember as a teenager, most of my visual experiences happened in the middle of the night.   I would suddenly wake up and would see what I labeled at the time as a “ghost” in my room.  The image was that of a human, but very transparent, light, and very fast…lasting only a few seconds…long enough that I could get a mental impression of the image, but not long enough to prove to myself or others exactly what I was experiencing.   Now as a medium I realize that it takes an enormous amount of energy for a spiritual being to manifest in physical form for our eyes to see and it is actually a rare occurence even for me!  If I experience this now, it is always in the middle of the night when the veil or what I like to call “the layer between here and heaven” is the thinnest.  Ghosts are in fact very different from the spirit’s I was seeing at the time and the ones that I communicate with in my readings, now.  What I have learned is that “ghosts” are actually earth bound spirits, or those that have chosen to not cross over to the other side or “heaven” for some unresolved reason and can be helped to do so.  They may feel like they have unfinished business and often still carry some residue of human emotion like resentment, anger, regret, sadness..all of which will be taken by God once they do eventually cross to heaven.  Spirits or all of our loved ones in heaven are already crossed over and reside in God’s light of love.  So by now I’m sure you’re scratching your head and thinking… well if a medium is not seeing and talking to a “ghost” like the Ghost is it that they talk to heaven?

In my experience as a medium I am predominantly clairvoyant, which simply means that my vision is my “strong” suit with communicating; however, let me be clear when I say “vision” I’m not using my eyes like we do here in the physical world.  I am actually receiving visual impressions in my minds eye.  These impressions may be images of symbols that I have developed with spirit to make the communication clearer, they may be validations for you, or they may be imagery pulled from my brain or my own memory bank to get me to say something that your loved ones want to say to you.  So in essence if I were to say to you there is a gentleman who show’s me himself standing behind you…I’m not actually seeing a ghost behind you!!  What I am seeing is a mental image projected in my mind’s eye of you just as you are with that person standing behind you…in other worlds telepathically receiving the image.   Words are the’s telepathically received either I will see the word or I may hear a sequence of words or phrases being repeated.  Often it’s like charades where I need to take all these pieces of imagery and piece them together like a puzzle to determine the actual message.  As I started to acknowledge spirit communication for what it was I truly believed I was “crazy” for lack of a better word.  Meaning, I had an expectation or preconceived notion based on societal impressions that were imposed on me, on what “mediumship” or spirit communication should look like.  When I realized that I had misunderstood or was perhaps even misled to a certain degree.. I was able to accept and receive these impressions with even more clarity.  Why? Because I now was able to trust it.

So now that you know the truth about what it looks and sounds like to communicate with spirit…I’m sure you have a whole new set of questions.   Why do some mediums liken their “gift” to Haley Joel Osment and Jennifer Love Hewitt?  I can’t answer that for you, because I can only speak to my truth.  I find that mediums are not “one size fits all” LOL.  Meaning we are all different, therefore my truth may be different from someone else’s.   For me I choose not to refer to my communicating abilities as “my gift”.  Although it is definitely a gift and a is not mine.  It is God’s and it is bestowed upon us all.  Let me be clear..God did not love me more and did not create me more special than anyone else.  I simply felt a pull or tap to seek the truth of my experiences and this is where the road led me as I was “figuring it all out”.   I am a nurse, I am a concrete thinker, it is in my nature to figure things out.  Now I’m not saying that I think everyone is meant to be a medium, because we all have different purposes in life..but do we all have the ability to communicate with heaven or spirit for the purpose of guidance, comfort, and support? Absolutely!  Just like anything.. the more you nurture it the greater it becomes. Most, unfortunately, will not nurture it simply because it requires time, effort, and work.  Look at it this way.. if you wanted to develop your calf muscles what would you do?  Exercise them?  Your commitment would ultimately determine the extent of your development, no?  Are you with me? Bet you didn’t know you could be a medium did ya LOL.

I hope in some sense my explanation has helped some of you answer your burning questions about communicating with heaven.  I’m sure you’ve all experiences that you could liken to what I do as a medium, but maybe talked yourself out of it?  My hope is that maybe my sharing will save you from riding the “crazy” train like I did..take my your own car!   I’m not gonna lie, my ego would’ve been extremely satisfied if I could’ve said to you that I have been given a magical, supernatural, superpower that only a chosen few can tap into..Batman here! (LOL) but I wouldn’t be telling the truth.  I’m in fact no more or less special than any of you!   So here’s my’s a spiritual power it’s within us all.  It’s the glimmer of light named God that allows us to be so diverse yet be one in the same at any given moment!  It’s love…and love Never dies!! “If you search everywhere, yet cannot find what you are seeking, it is because what you seek is already in your possession.” ~Lao Tzu

xoxo Jules





HEAVENS WAITING ROOMEverytime I do a reading, whether in a group or private, I use it as a platform to teach and share everything I’ve learned from spirit.  Although I love connecting people with their loved ones in heaven, I have to be honest, I’m not so sure that is my “soul/sole” purpose here on earth.  What I do believe is my purpose is to speak my truth about spirit and let people take from it what they will, without imposition of my beliefs, or judgement on theirs.  My motto, is if I gave you something that made you go “hmmm”,  I did my job. After all, it’s the “hmmm’s” that sometimes ignite a fire in us, we never knew was there!  I want to give you something that makes you hungry to dig deeper, discover more about yourself and about life in general.  Something that drives you to just be a genuinely good human being and helps you to see that good in others.  And most of all, something that gives you a faith in knowing that this life is just a snapshot in the album of our soul’s journey!  So buckle up, get ready, we are taking a trip to heaven!

Very rarely will you hear me refer to my mediumship abilities as a “gift”, why?  Because I don’t believe it is a gift only allotted to a certain few “special” people.  A blessing yes, but for a chosen few, no.  In fact that is the exact opposite of what God shows me.  We are all one in the same, one no better than the other.  Imagine if all of our eyes could view each other that way, how the world would be?   I tell people all the time, I don’t think I’m special, I think…I figured it out!  This amazing secret that everyone thinks is a supernatural ability, is really innate in all of us.  It’s an opportunity and an ability that we are all born with.  it is our free will choice to decide if we will develop it or not and use it to help us on our journey, much like our faith.  I liken it to playing the piano.  If we all learned how to play the piano at the same age how would we progress?  All differently, right?  Some of us might have a more natural inclination, but in actuality we can all learn to play the piano, yes?  The amount of time and effort you give to something plays a great role in your development.  Mediumship is no different.   Anyone who has ever seen me, says, “you’re the medium?”  As though I’m supposed to have a mole on my face, be wearing a turbon on my head and carrying a crystal ball?  I’m this everyday girl, this mom, this wife, this nurse, who had an experience one day that made me go hmmmm!!  Fast forward 5 years later and I know I don’t have it all figured out, not even close, but I have something amazing that changed my life, for the better, and can change yours too!

So those of you that have read my blogs might remember I wrote about my first experience with spirit.  It was in my bathroom, aka “the spirit portal” LOL.  I was getting ready for work, and what I perceived as “daydreaming” stopped me in my tracks.  I was seeing images of things that I couldn’t explain.  In the same spot in our minds eye that we “daydream” or visualize memories and process images.  But these images were not memories and I knew that, and they involved my uncle who was in heaven.  And then words were popping in and flowing as though someone was speaking to me.  Enough that I stopped and said, ” I think he’s talking to me?”  Want to know what I heard next in my head,  “She can hear me!!”  Yup it was that simple.  I acknowledged it and my life changed. It was as though a flood gate opened and all these words and images started to come in super fast, SUPER FAST!!  I often wonder if I had never acknowledged that moment and had dismissed it, where would I be today?  And had he been trying before that and I dismissed it in the business of my life.  I’m sure of it!!   So the key to unlocking that door allowing spirit to enter into my life…was acknowledgement, I’m going to say it again, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.  This is 50% of the process!!  Do you know how many times people share a story of how they thought a loved one that had passed gave them a sign and then followed it with, “but I could just be crazy, I mean maybe it’s just a coincidence, I probably wanted to see it, right?”.  Ok, so here’s my answer to that, wrong!  I rode that crazy train for a good 2 years!! I rode it long enough for us all.  A word of advice, take the bus, it’s a lot less hassle, and there’s a lot more adventurous stops along the way, LOL!!  The truth is, our soul’s already know it’s real.  It is our human mind, or ego, that asks us to prove it!  We need to touch it, feel it, see it, hear it, right?  But isn’t the definition of faith just the antithesis of that?  So why question it? If I told you this was it, we die, and that’s it, how does that make you feel?  Now if I told you that our loved ones that have passed are truly around us everyday giving us signs and encouragement that they are still with us guiding and supporting us, how does that make you feel?  So apparently we are innately masochistic as well?  Well thank you God for the challenge, lol!  What does your heart tell you?  The truth is there is no reason to distrust anything that we think is a sign from spirit.  They will not interfere with your free will choices, they may guide you, and encourage you, but ultimately every choice is yours.   Trust is the next key!

So I’m sure I’ve talked about trust at some length in previous blogs, but it is crucial to connecting with spirit.  Some of the greatest validations come in trusting what we want to withhold for fear of dissappointment.  As a medium, I trust everything they show me!! EVERYTHING.  I hold onto the fact that I don’t know these people, so anything they show me, I have no need to question it, no matter how crazy it seems.  When I do readings, I tell people I trust what spirit says more than I trust what the person sitting in front of me says.  So this is how it works.  I look to that place in my minds eye, I see flashing images of people, things, I feel things, and I hear things.  All of these puzzle pieces, I take, acknowledge, and deliver to you without allowing my brain to interfere with the flow of energy!  So when I see them, I might see a quick flashing image of a man/woman that maybe fuzzy and blurred as though I didn’t have my glasses on.  So I will describe them to you as best I can.  Then I continue to hear muffled voices and sometimes will actually see written words flowing into my head.  They might zoom in my lens on their feet, their shoes, their hand, their eyes.  They use signs and symbols to make what they want to say easier for me to interpret.  All of which I spit out to you.   Last night I did a reading. I heard “go stand in front of that woman”.  So as I’m walking toward this woman I heard “the mother”.  So I say to this woman, your mother is in spirit?  She says yes.  Her mom shows me her daughter has her ring.  The woman says, “no”.  So I ask spirit again, her mom shows me the same thing.  So I say, “well your mom says yes, persistently”.  The woman looks down at her hand, and says “omg, I totally forgot I do, this ring I always wear was my mother’s”!  We all shared a great laugh and it was this awesome moment, where my clients experienced first hand how to trust spirit.  This happens in almost every single reading I do!!  When I’m not interpreting something right, I will tell you if I’m not sure, I have no reason not to, I’m human and this is a process. Sometimes spirit will even shake their head no at me, if i’m not interpreting their message correctly!  I know right, the nerve of them to say I’m wrong, lol.  Here is the thing, it may not be an exact science.  It’s two different forms of energy meeting half way thru dimentions to communicate.  Sometimes that station gets a little static, but if we work together we will get their message down!  Some have more energy to give and it allows them to be clearer with their messages.  I will share that with you so that you understand the process.   All spirits communicate in different ways as well.  I have to take what they can give.  So initially I may not see them, I may just hear them.  When this is the case I always tell my client so they don’t put an expectation on their loved ones they cannot deliver.  Some people will ask me, “well what color are their eyes?, ask them where my keys are?”  Well here’s the thing I like to let spirit run the show and bring up what they feel you need and then you always know it’s coming from a pure place.  They only give me enough to get me to say what they want me to say to you.  So if they show me their eyes, I will tell you.  If they don’t, I won’t.  Putting that expectation on them is like asking them to manifest in full form in front of you.  It takes an enormous amount of energy.  Some mediums will dismiss a “no” and move on.  I refuse to do that.  There is no such thing as a “no”.  Spirit knows all and is never wrong.  So a “no” first means I need to clarify from spirit that I am interpretting their message correctly.  That is my job, to get the right message to the right person.  If they confirm I am correct and the person still says no, that means one of two things…either it will be validated by another family member or near future occurence, or it is coming from another spirit.  Last night everytime I looked at this one girl I saw emerald earrings, persistently.  She couldn’t place it at the time, but afterwards she texted her older sister, who it turns out had their mom’s emerald earrings.  So essentially every piece of the puzzle should fit.  If a puzzle piece still does not fit, then I know it’s coming from another spirit trying to get my attention shifted to them!  I always say, don’t try to make a circle fit inside a square.  In doing that you could be discounting another spirit who’s trying to get thru.  When we both acknowledge a “no” I am asking them, show me more, tell me more.  All it takes is for you to acknowledge one piece of their puzzle and it’s like you called their number at the deli counter!  “Now serving number 22!”  It’s like throwing out a fishing line and pulling their energy right to me so that I can connect with them on a higher level and get more validations from them.   Acknowledgement is 50% of the process remember?!   Next thing you know here comes uncle Jimmy making his way thru the crowd to turn in his ticket, lol!  Often in groups their are so many spirits fighting for my atttention, they know they cannot all be heard.   So when nobody acknowledges them simply because they “aren’t sure”, what happens is all the other spirits are taking advantage of the opportunity to bump them out of the way and get my attention so their loved ones can get messages too.  So essentially they’ll need to take a new number and try again later if they are not acknowledged right away.

I don’t believe I have truly seen heaven or claim to know everything about it, but I do believe they allow me to meet them half way, “the space between”.  And that is where my waiting room exists where I communicate with them and God is always there overseeing the process.  I think when I see heaven I will be going there myself and that is when I will truly have all the answers.  I believe they want to remind us they are not gone just different.  They acknowledge our journey as humans is challenging to say the least.  They want to help us embrace the lows, learn from them, and carry as few burdens as possible.  They want us to feel the highs and let them become part of our hearts.   Heaven is not this place in the sky, it’s all around us.  Most days I feel like I can reach out and grab it.  My goal, is to get you to grab it too.  It’s an amazing feeling to connect with my Dad everyday.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss our long talks, I miss his hugs and the feeling of his cheek next to mine.  But I still have the best part of him..his heart and soul!  That never dies!!  So if what I do can help you to believe in anything, believe in that!  “It’s been a long day without you my friend, but I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again” ~Charlie Puth…Now serving number 23!! xo Jules

What are you craving? Simplicity is on the Menu!


I used to have an art teacher that told me to KISS most of what I encounter in life.. not literally of course…what does it mean? put it simply..Keep it simple stupid! LOL simple right, but it stuck!  What if I told you it really was simple?  What if I told you today was the day that everything becomes all too clear?  The past, the present, and the future.  It is in our human nature to clutter, to analyze, to overthink, to control,…and yet all those things are the exact antithesis of what we are made of!  Liken it to being sit down at one of your favorite restaurants.. you look at the menu…at first you get excited by all the choices, but then a bit of frustration sets in because you simply can’t decide…so you start asking everyone else at the table what they are going to get..of course you want to be satisfied with your choice.  So finally you pick, and think to yourself, well if it doesn’t meet my expectations…I will….You will what?  Will you order something else?  Will you simply be grateful that you have food and let your expectation of it go?  Will you ask someone else to give you some of theirs because it just looks so much tastier than yours and after all they are at your table for a reason, right?  I want you to think about all these options I just gave you.  Think about the person you want to be and what you want to radiate out into the world.   And now think realistically which one of those choices you would actually make?  Are they the same? This is your free will to be exactly who you want to be.  The simple part of this analogy is that we are all hungry!!!  We all come into the world with a menu, perhaps just at different restaurants or starting points.  We are all afforded the same choices although are tastes may be different.  What and how will you choose?

Here’s the thing..spirit reminds me we are all made of the same stuff when we come into this world.  A small tiny piece of glitter..a glimmer of purposeful bright white light called unconditional love.  Each piece of that glitter falling from the same bright star called GOD.  So in essence we all have the same make-up, come from the same source, yet are uniquely special and different, why you ask?”This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”…Are you singing yet?  The answer…because your light is uniquely purposeful.  There is nobody in this world that can be you!  Don’t get me wrong, people may try, but rest assured it won’t happen.  Believe you are special, and purposeful in the eyes of God!!  But I want you to also see that so is everyone else!  So how is it that we can learn to let our souls “simply sparkle” without letting all that clutter and junk dull that sparkle?  I’m gonna give you some tools to help shift your perspective, simplify the menu so to speak, and make the choices that will be healthy, meet your needs, without leaving you feeling unsatisfied.  How does that sound?

Let’s start with acknowledging that we are one in the same.  Why, it allows us the ability to find compassion and empathy for one another.  The struggle is REAL people. No matter which path we choose to be on…we all face struggles that are real and challenging to us.  The uniqueness in the journey has to do with our starting points, our free will choices, our lessons,  and ultimately our perspective.  I love when Joel Osteen says in his sermons, “Be the victor not the victim”!! In simplicity, God sent us here with a glimmer of him because he wants us to feel compassion, love and empathy for each other without comparison.  Just as he does for us!! That’s it, it’s that simple!!! Say that over and over again, because that is the simplicity we seek in our complicated lives and relationships!!  We need to challenge ourselves to stay focused on our own menus, on our own orders, on our own expectations of that food that is bestowed on us..and have faith that God will take care of the rest because he will!!

Now I want to talk a little about how spirit inspired me to write about this and how they can help you to achieve the simplicity you too may be craving.  We are spring cleaning here!  As you know I always meditate.  My meditations have evolved significantly over the years.  So the other day I meditated and my Dad came into my room where I pray, and seek guidance from my guides and from GOD.  So my Dad comes in and he hands me something as he often does.  Guess what it was…A dandelion!  But not those pretty yellow ones.. it was dandelion gone by, the grey feather like ones that are full of seeds. Thanks Dad, I like diamonds too, (just kidding) LOL Everytime spirit hands me something, I know there is a message in the message for me.  They are trying to guide me, support me, they know..THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.  LOL  So at the end of my meditation I seek out the spiritual meaning of said Dandelion.  What did I find?  The Dandelion is very spiritually significant.  The Dandelion can be fierce in that it has a willingness to survive and can regenerate from its roots.  It has natural healing abilities in that it can be made into tea that serves to detoxify.  The blowing seeds symbolizing prayers being sent to heaven and spreading faithfulness into the world.  A changing in perception from a field full of weeds, to a field full of bright yellow flowers though one in the same.  Simple yet so profound.  Now let me tell you how this fits for me.  I pray everyday.  I started my “Can I Pray for you” campaign on facebook for lent.  I pray for healing, for faithfulness, for survival, for all those that add their names and for myself.  No coincidence!   I’ve been seeing the message of the Dandelion everywhere, although the ground is still covered in snow!  So in seeking simplicity, ask for it, pray on it, and then believe it will come to you in the simplest of ways.  Would you ever think something as simple as a Dandelion could be so significant?  Would you ever consider that spirit would send it to you as a message from heaven? Well that is true of everything with spirit.  They are constantly trying to simplify our menu, all the while guiding us to make choices that will satisfy our hunger.  Don’t discount your messages.. KISS them! LOL “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex…It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”. ~Albert Einstein

Glisten from the Inside Out


infrared_098Believe it or not, Nellie Furtado wasn’t really the one who coined the phrase “shine bright like a diamond”! I know shocking right!  And my guess is your already singing that song in your head!  Daniel Defoe says, “the soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and it must be polished within or the luster of that soul will never appear”  Interesting analogy right!  Spirit reminds me all the time that when we enter this world, we enter full of nothing but unconditional love, pure as the white driven snow!  No pun intended New Englanders, lol! But seriously, its true! Then as we grow and learn we are shaped into the person we were meant to become and endure those challenges that we asked our higher power to give us that aids that growth!  So get your shine on people, cuz today we are digging deep and learnin to glisten from the inside out!

“I myself am made entirely of flaws stitched together by good intentions”.  Yup that’s right, us humans are the perfect imperfection.  A bunch of squirrels all just trying to get a nut! Learning to overcome all those senseless human emotions and get back to the core of our being, in simplicity..LOVE. Sometimes we pile so much clutter on top of it, we need a “got junk” truck to come and unbury it like an episode of hoarders.  LOL. We have this innate way about us where it is so just so much easier to stomp our feet, throw our hands in the air, and say seriously, who, what, where, how and why is this happening to little old amazing me?  That’s just it! The answer within the question.. the who is you! The what is looking for the lesson in it all. The where is inside of you. The how is not your worry, a testament to your faith.  And the why, well the why is because you are amazing and your soul might be in need of a little reminder of that!

So what do we do when we find ourselves climbing these mountains seemingly unprepared with no safety net.  Don’t go for the insurance.. find the net!  LOL.  Its your faith, its your foundation, its the love inside of you.  That’s the safety net!  So when you feel like you can’t possibly climb any higher and hold on any longer..remember there is always a safety net beneath just might be hidden under all that clutter.  That net will give you that little bit of rest and reassurance you need to keep climbing!  Before you know it, you’ll be back on that mountain shouting “I think I can” all the way to the very top! The best part? When you get there you are a little more defined than at the start of your journey.  A little more certain of your path.  A little more confident in yourself.  A little wiser than you were before.  A little more beautiful and polished on the inside.  And as the sun clears thru those clouds on the top of that mountain, it shines on those defined edges that were once rough, revealing a lustrous beauty that was waiting to glisten all along!

So now your saying, great story, but easier said than done right.  Well I agree it’s a lot of work to climb those mountains and we all have them.  So what can we do to help declutter, stay on track, and in essence stay polished.  There are lots of techniques that I use to try to keep it together.  First, gorilla glue. No just kidding, don’t do it. LOL  First, intention.  I always bring myself in any situation back to my intention.  When your intentions are focused on greatest good, you are connected to your higher self.  Second, meditation.  Meditation has so many purposes.  It can balance you, ground you, protect and shield you from unwanted negativity, and it can heal you! Yes I said heal you, from the inside out that is.  Here is an example.  When I do my meditation after a challenging day or if I’m feeling a little off.  When I go into my room with my guides I have told you before the wings they give me are a symbol of the message they are giving me.  Sometimes I see these wings tattered when I enter that room.  Broken, so to speak.  But after I pray and connect with my guides, they are different.  Almost as though I’ve received a new pair!  Stronger, more resilient and with new perspective.  A reminder that the climb was not for nothing!  And once those little old wings are restored for flight again, do you know what they bring me back to…LOVE.  A reminder to love myself, love others, and that love is the ultimately the light that makes our diamonds shine bright! We may have to work at shaping and polishing them, but love is what will make that natural beauty oh so clear! So my message from spirit for you all today, don’t let anyone or anything in this life dull your sparkle, instead let it motivate you to shine your light so bright it is a beacon for others to light the way!  Let the light inside you glisten from the inside out! “I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love”~Mother Theresa .

The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome



Ever feel like Humpty Dumpty in that you just can’t seem to keep it together?  Well I am here to tell you that you’re not alone.  Breaking news…we are all human! Even though some of us might spend our days racking our brains trying to figure out this crazy life…maybe we just aren’t supposed to have it “all” figured out!!  I mean I’m all for the whole “glowworm” ray of sunshine attitude, but let’s face it we all have our “hot mess” kind of days!  The story of our lives, right!  Fall apart, learn to put pieces back together, relish in the joy of triumph, repeat process!  Sounds like a pattern to me?!  This is what I like to call the Humpty Dumpty Syndrome.  No I am not a hypochondriac nor am I a scientific genious; however this is definitely an epidemic among us humans!

So I want you to take a moment to think of who you were ten years ago.  Now take a moment to acknowledge who you are now.  My bet is you would acknowledge that you’ve learned a great deal of lessons, which, have actually shaped who you’ve become.  I’m also willing to bet some of those lessons brought you to your knees!  Now I want you to think of your goals and aspirations, and who you envision yourself to be ten years from now.  The fact of the matter is although we can, to a certain degree, shape our reality by what we send out to the universe, we cannot predict the lessons that we will face along the way.  When you think of your greatest lessons, your greatest hardships, do you correlate them to other human beings?  Whether you perceive these events as positive or negative, the end result was a lesson, no?  Let’s break it down a litttle further.  So as you know I am the youngest of nine siblings.  Yes I said nine!  Anywho, imagine growing up with one bathroom!  Think there was a lot of glowworms in the morning, ummm no!! LOL Anyway, when I think of some of my greatest lessons, and who taught them to me, most of them are the people closest to me, uhum cue the brothers and sisters!  Good, bad, or downright ugly, they gave em to me!  They tell it like it is.  They are my biggest chearleaders and they are also the ones that knock my butt off that wall when I need it!  And guess what, they are also the ones who help me back on my feet and teach me how to put my pieces back together again.  Gorilla glue and all!  So ya see, we all fall, we all get back up at our own pace, and we all learn how to put our pieces back together!  And when you do,  guess what?…this is the best part…wait for it…you’ve become an even stronger, more beautiful version of yourself.  Ta da…lol  Why? Because you’ve healed yourself from the inside out!!  Who better to make you the most beautiful version of yourself than those closest to you!  They see you at your worst and they see you at your best.  So next time you’re upset with someone close to you for making you feel…well let’s just say, less than perfect…try to see if there’s a lesson in there for ya..I’m guessing so!

Here’s the thing about life…I love to talk about it and share my thoughts on it, my lessons..but the bottom line is we’re all just figuring it out together.  And by the time we are done “figuring it out”  our time here in this world will more than likely be over.  We will have gotten what our souls came here for.  The way I look at it is, if a puzzle came all put together, looking all pretty, wouldn’t that defeat the point in the first place?  Kind of takes all the fun out of it right?  Well that’s how I look at life… it’s just one big puzzle.  Each twist and turn, each time we end up on our knees and learn to get back up, each heartache, each challenge we overcome, we are fitting another piece of our puzzle together.  And when that puzzle is complete, I’m certain it will be absolutely Be~You~Tiful!!!  So next time you are feeling like Humpty Dumpty and need a little gorilla glue, know that you are not alone!!!  In the words of one of my favorite beautiful women..”For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone”. ~Audrey Hepburn