New Moon New Beginnings

Sitting here on a day when I usually have a list a mile long of errands to run, chores to get done, but somehow none of it feels right today.  Today I listen to the nudge that says rest, the still small voice that “says slow down, where are you going in such a rush?  If you knew that right now was all there was, would you be in such a hurry to get somewhere else?”  You’d soak it in a little more.  So I took this morning to reflect.  After all, it is the New Moon.  The first New Moon of Spring.  It’s a rebirth of sorts, in every sense of the word.  A rebirth of our mind, our bodies, and our souls.  We’ve all been through a lot in the past year.  Different stories, different circumstances, different pains and challenges, as well as different triumphs, but all with the same end game in mind, growth, joy and ultimately happiness.  It’s what will always tie us together.  Life is always about the feeling or the sentiment with which you experience it, it’s never about the circumstance that gets you there, that is just a means to an end.  Reflect on how far you’ve come.  Give yourself a pat on the back, not from a place of ego, from a place of self love.  Acknowledge your hard work and the self worth that you’ve gained along the way.  Remember when you had a hard time setting those boundaries, and letting go of what no longer served you.  Look at how far you’ve come!  It may not have been easy, but it will always be worth it, even when you don’t see it yet!  Today you are offered a fresh clean slate, a new palate, fresh soil to plant new seeds.  How is it that you want this garden to look.  It’s the garden of your future, so aim high.  So much inspiration will be flowing to you, listen to the subtle nudges, the things that seem like coincidences, they are the voice of the universe, of God, of guidance saying,  “take the next step”.  Just one foot in front of the other, you need not worry about anything more.    You were never meant to stand still.  How do you feel about where you stand today?  Make that your starting point.  Make that the elastic band that stretches you to new growth and propels you to reach for so much more.  There is always more.  No matter what you may feel in this moment do not allow yourself to become complacent to the miracle of life.  It is easy to take for granted being in a body.  It is easy to let circumstances blind you to the miracle of it all, but remember it was the most challenging of circumstances that gave you that perspective in the first place.  So hold tight to it.  Honor love and loss, with more love.  Honor sadness by looking toward happiness.  Honor anger with forgiveness.  Honor it all with the knowing that we all have the ability to heal, even when we think it is eluding us.  There is a new opportunity that is being presented to us all right now, today.  It will be found in the most unlikely places.  You will start to see Joy in places you never thought possible.  You will start to lean in directions that your old self never would have dared to venture.  Lean and then lean some more.  There is more.  The well of hope never runs dry and it is overflowing for you now.  This is just the beginning.  A new beginning.  Its called Today.

Xo Jules


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