Empaths Guide to Thriving not Just Surviving

Feeling like you might be an Empath?  Feeling like there is always something weighing on you that keeps you from living the life you truly desire?  Perhaps some of it isn’t even yours that you are carrying!  Well let me tell you, God only gave you two hands for a reason!  You weren’t built for heavy hauling, you were born to fly free!  Here are my 10 Key Steps in order for you to Start Thriving, not just surviving!

  1. Stop believing that you came here to suffer and that it is inevitably part of your story!  You came here to lead a joyous and and beautiful life, just like everyone else.  Just because you have an ability to feel on a scale that others may not does not mean you need to stay down in the dumps! Start changing your storyline with affirmations and mantras that let the universe know in the next chapter there is a plot twist, and you are ready to connect to your greatest joy!
  2. Stop perceiving your gift as your curse!  The ability to feel things is not necessarily a double edged sword.  Many believe because you can feel the greatest highs, you will too feel the depth of the lows.  Well maybe so, but you have the power to change that.  Anytime you feel your vibration lowering, do something to raise it up.  See the next steps where I talk more about raising your vibe!
  3. Ditch the story that you are a powerless victim of circumstance!  Time to stand in your power.  Remember the law of attraction.  The vibration you function at is the vibration you receive at!! If you allow yourself to remain in states of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, you will continue to receive much of the same.  This is not easy and probably the toughest of all steps.  We have been conditioned to believe that how we feel is how we feel and that we cannot do much about it.  That is not the truth!  The more you shift toward whatever brings you joy, the more your experience of life shifts to match you!  This is your power!
  4. Meditate more so that you think less!  The brain is a tricky thing, not to mention the ego.  When we meditate is slows our conscious thought patterns and redirects us toward the truth.  Now I bet you’ll say, “but I can’t meditate”.  Yes you can!  Do what works for you to quiet your mind and stop the busy thoughts.  Practice equals progress!  Guided meditation is best when just starting out, when you get distracted, direct yourself back to the voice!  “This is the great and powerful OZ speaking” . LOL
  5. Create a DAILY practice that involves movement of your body to release old stuck energy, grounding techniques, and a technique to protect the energy you create within from the “vampires” in your life.  Examples:
    • take a walk outside
    • envision a bright white light coming down from the heaven’s above thru your body and out thru the soles of your feet spreading into the ground like the roots of a tree grounding you
    • envision that same bright white light encasing you in a bubble.  The thicker the bubble the stronger you are protecting your energy.
    • Last but not least, call on Archangel Michael.  He is nondenominational, meaning he spans beyond all religious labels to help us all.  He is the great protector.  Just call his name and he shall be there!
  6. NO is a complete sentence!  Empaths always be like, “oh sure, I’ll be right there, let me just grab my cape” .   Only to feel exhausted, drained, and resentful that they never are allowed to do for themselves.  Practice, this scenario, “Can you just..”…”NO”.  Not No i’m sorry, not No with ten stories explaining why, just No.  The more you do the more you will stop that cycle that is really just fueling resentments in your relationships!  Your worth is not measured by what you do for others or by what they think of you.  When you accept that truth and start determining your own worth, no becomes a lot easier to say!
  7. It is not selfish to focus on yourself.  Remember you can only give what you have.  As someone who is nurturing and likes to care for others, it is critical that you are allowing yourself to run on empty!  Keep your tank full and you will always feel like you have more to give! You come first! No exceptions. The end!
  8.  Accept that it is not your job to fix others, it’s theirs!  Where are my fixers at?  We always want those we care about to live a life to their fullest potential, but you can’t love somebody enough into the life you want for them!  Spirit tells me over and over in my readings, we just simply need to love, accept and honor one another’s journey’s mess and all!  As hard as it may be to watch the mess unfold, guess what?  When you swoop in with your cape to fix it, you may just be hindering the lesson that the person needs to get to move forward.  You know what that means, it will just be coming around again.  Nuff said?  Let God do his job.
  9. Keep it on your own mat!  I may be an awkward yogi, but I’ve got this one down pretty good.  Watching what others are doing, comparing, and giving unsolicited advice are all No, No’s.  When people want advice they will ask for it, and even then I would exercise caution sharing your opinion.  Nothing is more frustrating to an empath than spending countless hours and energy giving someone advice only to have them do the opposite.  This is what my husband refers to as an “askhole” . They ask, but don’t listen!  Focusing on yourself and leading by example are all ways you can better positively serve the people around you.  Eventually, they are gonna want some of what you are doing because they will feel and see the difference in your energy and your vibration.  Let me introduce you to my friend, Happiness!
  10. When your an empath, the small stuff can feel like the big stuff, but know this you are beautiful just as you are, you are more than enough, and you are here because your light cannot be shined by anyone else.  God picked you to do it!  Walk a little slower, take in the scenery, God worked really hard on it.  Life is too short not to enjoy it!

“My Life Changed When I Stopped Looking at My Sensitivity as a Curse, and I Started to See it as My Greatest Gift” ~Julie Clapp


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