God had other plans for me today..how about you?


I was supposed to have a reading event today…God had other plans.  With the approaching snow storm my to-do list flipped upside down and grew…but did not evoke the typical reaction from me today.  I started my day with this prayer of what I consider ultimate surrender and letting go, not easy for the control freak in me!!  I was led to my mediation chair, my pen, my journal..and these words flowing to me and thru me to you…

I sit here in grey silence.  The calm before the storm.  The sounds of the wind chimes in my back yard, swaying in the breeze, the red cardinal out my window at my bird feeder..my messenger from heaven today, no doubt.  I feel peace…Tho knowing a storm is on the horizon, tho knowing we are still in the process of recovering from the last two storms, although knowing all too well I have no control over the imperfect conditions that surround me in this moment.   What storms have you been dealing with?  I prayed today for peace, I prayed today for help in letting go, I prayed today for love and for help with balancing the giving and receiving of it, I prayed today for health and healing for all those that are in need of it…I prayed..and I prayed..and it only took a few of my moments.  I sit in silence, pausing, staring out the window..contemplating what really is the ultimate joy we seek in this life?  Is that ultimate joy that which is described as the love that exists in heaven?  For if I had not known the depth of great sadness and pain on this earth, would I be able to recognize great joy when I was introduced to it?  There is something to be said for the fights and the mountains that we fear so greatly…For it is amidst these challenges that we may meet complete exhaustion..we may surrender how we thought things were supposed to be…we may be introduced to a fire and passion that we never knew existed within us..the one that divinely fuels us to keep going.   In that fight we are led..as if pulled by a magnet…we extend our hands to one another without even thinking..instinctually.. we say to one another..”let’s go”…we remind one another we are never truly alone, especially when we climb mountains..especially when we climb mountains!  We feel the power of love pushing and propelling us without the ability to comprehend how.  WE RISE…There is something to be said for these mountains we fight to climb.  There is something to be said for that finish line, that peak in front of you…even when you can’t see it what lies on the other side.   To know great challenge is to know great triumph.  To know great triumph is to know great love and recognize ultimate joy.  Fight, surrender, fight more, surrender more…all in your time.  When you are not climbing your own mountain, extend your hand to someone that is…and just make them feel loved, just loved.  You will cross that finish line…we all will..you will reach that peak..you may be on your knees, but your hands will be in the air, your heart will be on your sleeve and your lungs will be full of breath to remind you…you are alive.  The tears roll down your cheek just to show you how your beautiful and miraculous that body of yours is that carried and cleansed you along the way.   These are your mountains, these are your fights.. this is your story…you choose how it reads…but know this…none of our stories will ever close with THE END…they will all read…He/She knew ultimate love & joy…however that comes to pass.  Sometimes you just need to let go and let God lead the way.   Today is that day.  Have faith, his plan is always far greater than anything we could’ve designed.   “You’re about to see God take you where you couldn’t go on your own” ~Joel Osteen

XO Jules



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